Billy Crawford left ‘It’s showtime’ to pursue his career in EU

Last Saturday, April 28,  the ultimate jack-of-all-trade performer Billy Crawford bid goodbye to his ‘It’s Showtime’ family to pursue his career in Europe. His fellow hosts and friends became emotional as they both give a farewell message written in a paper which Anne Curtis read. Bong Navarro, who was absent that time, made a voice over about Billy.

It’s been a year since Billy became the host of   ABS’s noon time show after his breakthrough as one of the judges of the then ‘Showtime’.

In 2008 he went back to the Philippines after his career in Europe with Brightlight as his most hit single. In ABS he first host the Pinoy Dream Academy, then the Pilipinas Got Talent with his best buddy Luis Manzano, and also with Lucky, they hosted the quiz show Panahon Ko ‘To.

In the flight of his successful career, he became a boyfriend to Nikki Gil, whom Billy claimed– the one who changed his life. He was supposed to went back to France earlier, but Nikki is one of the persons who gave him reason to postpone his plan. ### batch natano


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