Wild prediction: Myrtle will stay in PBB house this week

April 28– This last Saturday, right after the eviction night, the teen housemates once again nominate for the new set of nominees for eviction.

On Sunday, Toni Gonzaga announced the latest set of nominees. They were Nikka, Karen, and Mrytle. Of their two weeks of stay in the house these three housemates have at least shown already the other side of them.

Nikka is a type of person who is vocal of her feelings. Then, there is Karen, whose according to some of her fellow housemates is not open to criticism, and Mrytle, a nice person who is closest to boys than to girl housemates.

Just a wild guest Nikka will leave the house next eviction because compare to other two nominees she is not as popular as them. She is similar to Vince, who once not become a talk of the town and has a less exposure in PBB House. But if the texters will consider the attitude they might not vote for Karen, though she has more exposures compare to other nominees. Karen’s clashes to Claire and Nikka, and what she said about Mrytle might also affect the decision of the PBB followers. Myrtle is on the safest track. If in boy housemates Keith is the most popular, in girl housemates it must be Myrtle. In fact, like Keith, the cosplayer became trending in Twitter and the most talked about girl housemate in the social networks.

It is only just a wild prediction if their stay in the house and exposures in the television are to be considered.

Keith from Tween Hearts to PBB

A nominated housemate from Pampanga named Keith got the highest text votes of 49 percent which is distantly far from Mariz’s and Claire’s votes, who both got an about 17 percent, putting them on the third and second spot, respectively.   However, Vince, a housemate from Rizal Province, was the first evicted teen housemate of PBB Teen Edition 4, last Saturday night, April 28.

Keith having the highest votes is not surprising at all, since he is the most popular among the four nominees. He became trending in Twitter for several times, nationwide and worldwide.  His height of 6’1, good looks and charming appeal made him one of the most talked about teen housemates of PBB 4. No wonder that at the age of 15 he started to be in the modeling industry.

He also had exposures in television before he entered the PBB house. He was co-starred in GMA-7’s ‘Tween Hearts’ where he played the role of Keith Villanueva.

Keith is also a self-confessed former playboy, and he had forgotten already how many relationships that he had before. Despite this, he said that he is a loving son to his mother. Recently, he showed the soft part of him after he broke into tears as he burst out his emotions about the treatment of the girls to boy housemates during their punishment given by Kuya. At the end of the argument between the housemates, everything was cleared with a realization that there is a misinterpretation among them.

On the other hand, there are photos circulating in the internet showing that Keith, Ryan and Yves knew each other before they entered the ‘house’. Yves, is also said to be co-starred with Ryan in a teen series in a local television in Pampanga, and these three housemates were managed by a salon owner.       ###batch natano

Left side is Kit, at the Middle is Ryan and on the right side is Ryan's brother.

Wearing the lavender polo on the first line at furthermost right is Yves, on the furthermost left is Ryan.

Twitter's Cafe is where Ryan and Yves are part of.


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