After we dive with ‘Marina’, swim with ‘Dyosa ng Tubig’, go deep water with ‘Agua’, and join ‘Mutya’ in her sea water adventure, it is about time that to experience all these again with Aryana.

‘Aryana’ is the new television program that a must to watch this coming May 7. The role of Aryana will be played by Ella Cruz, the former child star of Super Twins in GMA, where she played one of the superheroes.

This new t.v. offering of ABS-CBN is about a child who was cast by a spell to become a mermaid as revenge to the death of the daughter of one of the mermaids, played by Desiree del Valle. Tonton Gutierrez, the father of Aryana and husband of Pokwang in the teleserye, caused the death of mermaid’s daughter. When Aryana was baptized, the mermaid abducted her and made her one of them. However, the spell will take effect if the child will be brought back to her parents. Aryana was returned to her mother, but the mermaid will get her when the child reached the age of fourteen. With the fear of losing Aryana again, her mother left their province.

Other cast are Paul Salas, who will be paired to Ella. Joining the previously mentioned casts are Laurice Guillen, Tetchie Agbayani, Rustica Carpio, and Lotlot de Leon. The new fantaserye is directed by Erick Salud and Lino Cayetano. ### batch natano


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