16-year old photographer took photos of America’s Next Top Model finalists

The small girl is the talented/artistic Ann He with the blogger of /fashioncartography.blogspot.com

Ann He, a sixteen-year old photographer recently appeared in ‘America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion’, where she photographed the remaining contestants in their Hello Kitty inspired couture.

The young photographer had just moved to Dallas, Texas last August 2010. According to her she didn’t actually went to Dallas to pursue photography, but rather to take the opportunity in the city for being fashion-oriented with great agencies. In the fashion industry, she wanted a mixture of fashion photography and reality.

When she started to experiment on photography, she bought a huge mirror where she placed in their backyard to serve as her prop. A friend of her, who is a painter, modeled on her first photo shoot.

At her young age some of her works were already published in Korea and China. Among the photographers she like most are Tim Walker, David Bellemere, Candace Meyer, Paolo Roversi, Nirrimi Hakanson, and Sally Mann. She also dreamed of having a spread in any of the Vogues.  ### batch natano

Photos are from ThingsOfMyInterest.com and serialoptimist.com


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