MJ and Whitney’s secret affair revealed

Former bodyguard of the King of Pop named Matt Fiddes revealed in British paper that Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston had an affair before the latter married her husband Bobby Brown in 1992.

Matt said in ‘The Sun’ that Whitney moved to Michael’s ranch to stay there. He knew that his former boss dreamed of marrying the female singer.

The two weeks love affair of the singers ended up of not seeing each other again for so many years. They just saw again last 2001 at New York’s Madison Square Garden, where they staged together in celebration of Michael’s 30th year in the music industry.

“They shared what would be their final hugs and Michael begged Whitney to get off the drugs that were destroying her life,” Matt said. “The two of them whispered that they loved each other as they hugged. The emotion was written all over their faces.”

The drug is suspected to claim the lives of the once lovebird singers. Michael died in 2009 from acute Propofol intoxication, while Whitney passed away earlier this year when she accidentally drowned in the bath of her hotel room while also allegedly being in the spirit of drugs. ###batch natano


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