Right time to go daring for Enrique

Enrique Gil must be considered a sought after young actor of his generation and known for his wholesome image, yet he still considered doing a daring role in a right time.

The young actor had once showed his mouthwatering body in Cosmopolitan’s Bachelor Bash 2011 where he was hailed as the sexiest male celebrity in the country. He admitted that it will not happen again, though he is quite indecisive when asked if he will try it once more.

“Hindi na. Test lang iyon. Pwede pero mas gugustuhin ko na huwag na muna. As of now, wala muna. Na-pressure lang (ako) kasi finale (for Cosmo).”

He added that ABS-CBN and Star Magic have nothing against to his decision to avoid doing sexy roles. For him he will just enjoy of what he called ‘tweetums’ projects, since he knew that he cannot do it again once he grew old.

At present he can be watched in ‘Princess and I’ where he played Jao, an annoying prince to Mikay played by Katrin Bernardo. ###batch natano


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