Prepositions ‘of’ and ‘for’ are often use incorrectly if the sense of the sentence is to be considered. For example if you say, ”I am dying FOR hunger”, the sentence means you want to die for the purpose of hunger. The sentence sounds ridiculous and makes no sense at all. On the other hand the sentence, “He died of hunger”, means that the reason why ‘he died’ is because of hunger.

Preposition ‘for’

Preposition ‘for’ can be used for many things – time, distance, and purpose. Usually, it is being used to explain the purpose why a certain action took place.

Examples :

1. Knife is use for slicing the vegetables. (The purpose of knife is to slice the vegetables)

2. He went abroad for him to finance the needs of his family. (The purpose why he went abroad is for him to give financial assistance to his family)

3. I wear a suit for work. (‘I’ wear a suit for the purpose of his work)

Now let us see the structure of the sentence.

In sentence 1 and 2, ‘for’ is preceded by a verb, wherein, in sentence 1 the form of the verb is in gerund and in sentence 2 the form is in infinitive. In this structure the preposition ‘for’ is use to explain the ‘object’ in the verb phrase. The verb phrase in sentence 1 is ‘slicing the vegetables’ and the ‘object’ is the ‘vegetables’ (the knife is use for slicing what? The vegetables).  It is also similar with sentence 2, ‘to finance the needs’, the ‘needs’ is the object of the phrase (the purpose why he went to abroad is for him to finance what? The needs.)

However, in sentence 3, ‘for’ is preceded by a noun. In this structure, the preposition ‘for’ is use to explain its direct object (He wear a suit for what? For work).

Preposition ‘of’

The preposition ‘of’ can be used for more things – direction or distance, origin, cause, material, identity, connection, inclusion, and relation.


1. JDV is the former speaker of the House.

JDV is connected to the House of Representatives since he is the former speaker of the House. Being the former speaker of the House is also his identity as a person.

2. Fernando Poe Jr. is one of the National Artist of the Philippines.

In this sentence we have two ‘of’. FPJ is connected to National Artist because he is one of the recipients of the award; the said title is also his identity. The other one explains the origin of the National Artist, being originated in the Philippines.

3. He shivered of cold.

This sentence shows that the cause why ‘he’ shivered is caused by cold.

Let us end up the discussion with this brain teaser:

“It is part of you, which is a source of happiness and pain. It symbolizes teachings for you to learn. When you get the beginning of heaven, you have to put your ear, and for you to know that ‘part’ it should be end with the end of start.” ###batch natano


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