America’s Next Top Model to revamp after ratings dropped

The notable fashion-show-slash-model-maker America’s Next Top Model has dropped its viewer ratings by 45 per cent year-on-year.

ANTM, after airing its last regular cycle has introduced two special seasons: ANTM All Star and ANTM British Invasion, in which the finalists of the previous cycles competed. This action of ANTM ‘can be considered’ an attempt to win back its viewer ratings.

Oxygen Media will introduce ‘The Face’ in replacement to ANTM’s slot while the modeling reality show undergoes a revamp.  The new modeling program will include the 41-year old super model Naomi Campbell as one of the mentors of the contestants. The other two mentors are not yet announced.

Rod Aissa, senior vice president of original programming and development at Oxygen Media said that the new show is different from the usual televise modeling contest in which the audience will have a closer look to how models live.

On the other hand, the resident mentors and judge of ANTM Jay Manuel, Nigel Barker and J Alexander are allegedly not included in the new ANTM, and reports suggest fashion blogger BryanBoy will join Tyra’s team. ###batch natano

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