Kristen Stewart from vamp to TEENAGE TRANSGENDER

After playing Bella Swan in a highly acclaimed top grosser film Twilight series, this time, Kristen Stewart will play the role of a transgender woman.

As Birdy (originally Butterfly) in the film ‘K-11’, the actress is a 19-year-od sweet, red-headed transgender woman who was introduced to a strange family. The family, whom Birdy befriends with and takes care of, was indulged with illegal activities. The young and beautiful physique of Birdy attracts the convicted child molester named Detroit. He was murdered by Birdy to strike back from the abuse. K-11, however, is where gay men and transgender woman who can’t survive in ‘normal lock-up’ were sent down.

The film is also co-authored by Kristen’s mother Jules Mann. This project is alongside with the actress’ project ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’, where she played Snow White, and as a beatnik girl in the forthcoming film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road.


K-Stew: Acting is Crazy

Kristen is very grateful to have all those projects after Twilight.

She reiterated in an interview from that “This job is just a crazy, different step forward from being able to watch a movie. It’s like I’m truly walking into someone else’s shoes, I get to live there. And I want to do that because I’m pretty sure I have something to learn each time.”

For her being a role model for young women does not mean someone to be imitated but rather someone to be admired, and people who treated her that way does not actually affect how she lived. She liken that treatment to how she looked at the characters she played in the movie. She said, “I would like to be like that (character).”

At the flight of her success is his real life boyfriend, the Edward Cullen himself Robert Pattinson, who joined her in the recent competition at Cannes Film Festival. ### batch natano

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