British actor, the would-have-been hottie vamp ‘Edward Cullen’

Henry Cavill may not ring a bell to some but this British actor has been in the limelight of showbiz for many years, in fact he is Twilight author’s bet to play Edward Cullen in the popular film.

Stephenie Meyer claimed Henry Cavill is her favorite actor and choice as well to be Edward. She once saw the actor in the film The Count of Monte Cristo, the actor was still young looking then. However, because the actor’s look does not fitted on the role, the role was given to Robert Pattinson. She proposed to give Henry the role of Carlisle, the ageless father of Edward, but still the role is given to Peter Facinelli.

Despite this, the casting does not even affect the continuous success of Henry in his career. He is the sought after king in the television series “The Tudors” and also worked on the films “Whatever Works” and just recent is as Theseus in “Immortal”, where he showed his strong muscles as their village warrior. Also, he will be the first non-American ‘Superman’ to play the famous super hero and of course as Clark Kent in the newest film adaption of the ‘man of steel’.

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