Cristine Reyes to settle issue with Ara Mina

Cristine Reyes has finally made the first move to settle the issue between her and Ara Mina as confirmed by her lawyer.

Cristine has recently texted Ara for their possible reconciliation. According to Atty. Heather Annang, Cristine’s lawyer, the existing family code in the Philippines gave chance to members of the family to resolve the issues among them before it was filed in court. The lawyer added that the case of Cristine and Ara is ‘misunderstanding between siblings’ and her client really wanted to reconcile with her sister.

The sibling issue of Reyes and Mina started from the property in which the sisters acquired. They have an agreement that they will share on the payment of the property, but Ara exclaimed that her sister allegedly not helping her in the cost. Cristine sent text messages to Ara about their problem concerning the payment of the property but Ara got already offended on the messages.

It was Ara who first viewed her side on the public, and Cristine remained silent on the issue. For Ara, she is not after with the money, she just wants her sister to learn a lesson. As explained by Atty. Annang, Cristine chose to remain silent because she wants to lessen the publicity of the issue.

It could be remembered that the sisters’ rivalry was not the first. They also exchanged hurtful words and ended up with forgiving and accepting each other’s fault. As sisters, public have witnessed how they became closer and protected each other if one of them is in trouble; things that the sisters should also consider to happen.  ### batch natano

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