Derek Ramsay, a three-time Cosmo centerfold

If there is such thing as Hall of Famer Awardee in Cosmopolitan Philippines, it would have been Derek Ramsay.

Derek had had three times centerfold stint in ‘Cosmopolitan’, thing that every hunk in the country would have to consider as a legacy. He appeared in his very first centerfold last 2001, then after that, he had appeared consecutively on years 2007 and 2008. In 2009 he was selected as one of the’s 10 hottest hunks.

Just recently, the news about his break-up with six years girl friend Angelica Panganiban circulated. The two denied the issue but confirmed that they are in a ‘cool-off stage’. One thing that Derek emphasized is that there is no third party involved and he trusted Angelica ‘for not fooling around.’

The cooled-off-couple became very busy on their own career. Angelica had filmed in her project with Piolo Pascual in ‘Every Breath U Take’, produced by Star Cinema, and in ‘Banana Split’, while Derek in his endorsement and sports career.

This Holy Week, the two have not spent a bonding together. Derek is in Australia, and Angelica is in Vietnam with some fellow stars. ### batch natano

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