Guji Lorenzana confirms Kaye Abad-Chito Miranda break-up

Speculation on Kaye and Parokya ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda break-up had finally ended after Guji Lorenzana, the singer’s friend, confirmed in an interview from that the rumor is true.

Guji, an actor-singer started befriending the lead vocalist after they have had the same gigs in a bar in Makati. According to him despite the break-up the two former sweethearts are still friends.

However, Kaye is still being linked to Guji Lorenzana, who was vocal of his real feelings to the actress. The then rumored courtship of Guji to Kaye started when the two stars were teamed up in an episode of Precious Hearts Romances in ABS-CBN last 2009, on the same year where, Kaye and Chito were rumored as ‘b.f-g.f’. To think that the actor had confirmed Kaye’s break-up, he will not have doubt on courting the actress who is currently ‘single’.

The actor admitted that until now he is still courting the actress. For him one of the things that he liked about being with the actress is their difference. Kaye being a ‘probinsyana’ and him being ‘states boy’.

However, in an interview by, Guji is confident that he has chance on Kaye.

“Wala pa kaming relationship, pero she’s very picky naman. Alam ko na mas okay ang chance ko sa kanya,” the actor said.

Aside from the two boys, Ryan Bang even admitted that he likes Kaye. When Ryan returned from his vacation to Korea last Holy Week with Vhong Navarro, the Korean comedienne was caught off-guard. He was asked about whom he will take back with him in Korea.  He answered Kaye Abad.

Ryan’s admiration to Kaye is very obvious when they are still together to the then ‘Showtime’ in which they’re both a judge. The former teen housemate usually gave a meaningful look to the actress and even expresses himself how grateful he was seeing Kaye.

Kaye Abad must have been blessed to have projects like Rubi and just recently in Angelito. Both roles she played in the two teleseryes definitely proved her versatility as an actress. But Kaye could not escape the gossipmongers about the present state of his love life. Besides, Kaye deserves to be liked by boys because she is nice and sweet person who has a true charismatic Filipina beauty.  ### batch natano

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