Albie’s clash with Andi’s group at Makati ‘planned and premeditated’

“Planned and premeditated”

This is how the mother of young actor Albie Casiño stated in an interview from a news website, after the actor encountered an alleged attacked from Andi Eigenmann’s friends at a bar in Makati City just recently.

Rina Casiño, mother of Albie, told, that the actor and Andi meet at Fiamma where the alleged commotion between the two parties started. According to Rina, Andi splashed wine on Albie and slapped him. The actor went to comfort room to fix himself and to avoid from any clash. According Rina, the situation worsened when the group of Andi followed Albie’s group at the bar’s park.

A wine bottle was allegedly hit on Albie. He was sent to Makati Medical Center to undergone medical treatments and CT scan.

During the incident, Rina was in the Subic, her brother brother Allee Lee and Albie’s road manager just informed her about the incident.

Eigenmann’s side was not yet heard, but the management of Star Magic had already told her to issue a statement on the incident. ### batch natano

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