Bubbles Paraiso tweeted: ‘Guapo yung Xian Lim’

Bubbles Paraiso says in her Twitter, this May 5 that she finds Xian Lim handsome.

“I don’t really get to watch tv (I watch shows sa internet).. But as I’m watching now while getting dressed— uy! guapo yung xian lim ha! :p” the actress, whose Twitter name @bubblesparaiso posted.

But before anyone to react negatively on her post, she immediately posted another Twitter with her ‘disclaimer’.

“Don’t worry peeps, naguaguapuhan lang naman. Di naman bawal yun dba 🙂 (disclaimer agad bago may mga magreact na nega. Hehehe)”

Bubbles is a sister of model-actor Paolo Paraiso. She started modelling after high school and a member of PMAP (Professional Models Association of the Philippines). The model considers herself a shopaholic, peanut butter addict, one-of-the-boys, childish yet mature, simple but complicated and a sportsbuff. ###batch natano


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