Slater Young: Yes to Sexy Photo, No to Sexy Role! KC, Jessy Mendiola, Emmanuelle Vera his celebrity crushes

The Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Big Winner Slater Young said in an entertainment news website that he does not consider doing a sexy role.

The idea of doing a sexy role came out after the sexy photos of the hot-shot engineer circulated in the internet, but according to him, those were taken when he is not yet in the PBB house.

“Yung mga sexy pics na yun, kuha yun bago ako nag-PBB and it’s done in good taste,” he said in

But the Big Winner considers posing in a sexy photo shoot, but couldn’t imagine him having a daring role. Also, it is all right for him if many will fantasize his good looking body.

The parents of Slater gave an all-out support to his current career. According to him, his dad is happy as long as he is happy to what he is doing.

Between acting and hosting, he actually preferred both since there are some who suggested him to try hosting also. Among the actors in the country, he idolized the veteran actor Pen Medina.

The hot engineer even admitted that until now he is still adjusting to his new career in showbiz.

He said, “…pero every day, marami pa ring surprises… every day, new experience.”

It could be remembered that Big Brother gave Slater a task that he has to convince his fellow housemate, Joya, that he is attracted to her. But he quitted the task and accepted the consequence of automatic nomination, because it reminded him of his past relationship when he was cheated.

When asked about love, he said he is currently single and still looking for the right person to come which for him is really hard to find.

Surprisingly, he revealed his three celebrity crushes, they are: Emmanuelle Vera, Jessy Mendiola,  and KC Concepcion.”

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