It’s been many years since I graduated from high school, and until now I still have some of the ‘memorabilias’ during my high school days. Those stuff were given to me by some of my closest friends. I just want to share the stories behind these stuffs:

I got this Valentines Card from my BFF, Bronzon Garcia, these were the days that we have misunderstanding, and I forgot already what are those issues that we have. This card is not actually a card, but more of a five-page ‘booklet’.

This is also a card, given by a friend of mine named Roma Rodil, but what made this card special is that, it has a song lyrics inside which she sung to me. How sweet of her. There is no event to celebrate that time, she just gave cards to her friends. We became friends because I always borrowed her sweet scented cologne, and hair brush.

It was a ring made of a rubber. Way back 2006, it was really popular among high school students. This one is not actually given to me by another friend of mine, Dave Marvin Gomez, I just asked it from him on March 21, 2006, Tuesday. Of course I remember the exact date, since I make note of it in my scrap book.

My BFF, is actually fond of giving cards. Most of the content of these cards were all about, thanking me for being such a good friend to him. Well, I am also doing the same thing. I gave him cards too.

Having all these cards made me realized how lucky I am for having such good friends in high school. These are simple things, but its the thoughts that count. Even though, we haven’t yet have time to bond again together, because we already have our own lives, still I am looking forward to seeing them.



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