TV 5 and Magic 89.9 not to condone their hosts’ behavior in their respective programs

A television and a radio network released a press statement that they do not condone the behavior of their hosts in their programs.

TV 5 started giving a necessary action through suspending brothers Ben, Raffy, at Erwin Tulfo in their programs T3, Kapatid and Sagot Kita!.

The television network recently released its press statement stating that they do not disregard the behavior of the hosts which is against the Code of Ethics of the network.

“While we understand the emotions at play during the broadcast, News5 does not and will never condone such behavior,” the network stated in its press release.

“It was not only uncalled for but also runs counter to the established Code of Ethics that we all strictly adhere to. We are taking necessary actions to deal with this lapse in judgment on the part of the Tulfo brothers and assure the public that we remain committed to objective and impartial journalism.”

The decision of the television network is prior to the threats given by the Tulfo in their programs to the family of Raymart Santiago. This issue was resulted from the involvement of Ben Tulfo in a brawl with Santiago in NAIA. Earlier that day, Erwin formally gave a public apology. Mon replaced his brothers in the programs as of press of time.

On the other hand, Mo Twister, and the other two DJs of Good Times, Tin Gamboa (DJ Suzy) and Mia Bayuga (DJ Mia), were suspended also in their program in Magic 89.9, after they initiated a topic in Twitter about the false sextape of Charice Pempengco.

The hashtag #Charice PempengcoSexTape caught the attention of many and became a trending topic last May 9 in Twitter.

The DJs came up to an idea to create a trending topic for that day. According to DJ Mo, “Let’s trend topic for our show. What we’re gonna do is we hashtag something completely unrelated to what we’re talking about today.”

Charice reacted on the issue and even tweeted DJ Mo: “@djmotwister you are…unbelievable.”

In her tweet the Pinay Sensation even wanted to talk with the DJ in person.

“@djmotwister too bad. Remember, you interviewed me? I thought you were nice. Anyway, I should talk to you FACE TO FACE. :)”

DJ Mo is currently base in New York, while the other two DJs are in Manila when they perpetrated the false hashtag.

Here is statement of the radio network:

The management of Today’s Best Music Magic 89.9 does not condone what happened this morning, May 9, 2012 on GoodTimes. As a joke, the 3 DJs started an objectionable hashtag about Charice Pempengco on Twitter. An Apology to Ms. Pempengco shall be made tomorrow morning, May 10, 2012 on the said Radio Show. Furthermore, as sel regulation, The DJs involved shall be suspended from boardwork for Two Weeks without pay as consequence of their actions. ###batch natano

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