New breed of young talents in American Idol season 11

Now, American Idol season 11 is down to top 3, and these aspirants who vied for the title of becoming an ‘Idol’ are of new breed of young talents.

At their young age, Jessica Sanchez, Philip Phillips and Joshua Ledet are like those dreamers who believe that ‘dreams do come true if dreamers do’. People have witnessed their Idol journey since day one and now on the incoming finale.



Jessica Sanchez, 18 years old, is unstoppable in making her dreams come true on becoming a famous singer. That’s why she is unstoppable in touching the heart of many Idol followers in giving them very heartwarming performances.

She was born on August 4, 1995, in Chula Vista, California where she grew up with her two younger brothers. She was raised by her Filipino American mother, who originally from Bataan, Philippines, and a Mexican American father, a U.S. Navy veteran.

Music is really in the heart of Jessica, while still studying she had already proven her talent; proof to this is when she was selected for full scholarship training at the Theater of Arts in Hollywood. At the age of 11, she also joined America’s Got Talent, where she was given the opportunity to show case her singing prowess in the wild card series of the show. The hard to please Simon Cowell, the show’s producer and former Idol judge, made a remark in her performance as: “one of the best I have ever heard.” As contestant of Got Talent she was also became part of the collaborated music video of “We Are the World 25 for Haiti (YouTube Edition)” for charity relief for victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Though not yet sound ring-a-bell last 2009, the FilAm singer, had also released a single recorded cover of “Don’t Stop the Music” by Rihanna for iTunes and of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” for YouTube, both were released with independent record label Spin Move Records.

As for her performances in Idol 11, she is the last standing female ‘survivor’, and has an about six unanimous standing ovations for her competitive performances from the judges, four from solo performances, one for group performance, and one for a duet. She even made history on the season as she is the only contestant who received the talent show judges’ power to ‘save from the elimination’. Many were predicting that she will bring home the Idol 11 title for being the frontrunner among her fellow remaining competitors.

Black belter JOSHUA LEDET

Another young new breed of Idol who is noted for his extraordinary performance and for having the highest voice range (range that would make him the belter) in the season is Joshua Ledet, 20 years old. He was born on April 9, 1992, and was raised at Westlake, Louisiana, U.S.

Like Jessica, Joshua has passion on singing. In fact his mother is his musical influence, aside from Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Fantasia Barrino, James Brown, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder and Elton John.

While attending the House of Prayer Holiness Church, he writes songs and lyrics for their church.

In his Idol journey he was obviously one of the judges’ favorite. After every performance that he gave, the judges usually gave him good comments and so far he has an eight standing ovations. It actually helps him to be noticed by the public. As for the Idol record, he was first situated on the bottom three among ‘men contestant’ for the top 13 after he performed Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Wish’, and after that he was saved for four consecutive eliminations.  In the top 7, he again fell in bottom three as he performed with Jessica and Hollie Cavanagh, Kelly Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” and from then on up to final three; Joshua was always on the safest track.

Jackson, one of the judges declared him as one of his favorites; the other one is Kris Allen, winner of the eighth season. He said: “Two of the greatest singers to ever hit this competition … This is one of the greatest performances I have seen on this show.”

Joshua ones auditioned for the talent search last tenth season but failed to advance on the next level of the competition. But things really happen for a reason. He has just had to wait for his time to shine, in the limelight of prestige that Idol can give, and now he’s on his way.

Heartthrob Phillip Phillips

Yes, he is… he is actually one of the heartthrobs of the season. His talent plus his convincingly good looking visage is actually his plus factor in the contest.

Man of instrumentals, Philip, currently 20 years old started playing various musical instruments such as guitar, bass, piano, and drums at the age of 14. Dave Matthews, Johnny Lang, Mumford & Sons, and Tool are among his musical influences.

It was obvious that his name was repeated, thanks to letter ‘s’ for making it not so certain. But more to that, this guy grew up in Sasser and Leesburg, Georgia.

Little thing that you should know about him is that, he is not fond of love songs. He tells The Albany Journal that: “I don’t like gushy love songs or songs that are just stupid and make no sense at all. If you write a love song, make it different — don’t just write, ‘I love you baby, you are so wonderful …!’ It aggravates me.” Funny though but true on how he actually looks at creepy love songs that for him are nonsense.

His rendition of Stevie Wonder’s hit, “Superstition” made him on the top 13. While on his feat in the season, Philip underwent a surgery on his gall stone right after he performed Jimmy Iovine’s song. But it seems like he never went into any surgery as he again handsomely serenaded the audience with his rendition of Black Crowes’ “Hard to Handle”, where he received a commendable words from the judges.

With his proven talents and good look, no wonder that this guy is truly a star in the making, and as he landed on the top three he would probably made that remark into reality.


Young though, they have showed already that they can outwin those older than them. Their safe slates in eliminations indicate how people like them and their performances. Whosoever won the next Idol title, one thing is for sure, these three talented singers, Jessica, Joshua and Philip are already Idols.

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At their young age, Jessica Sanchez, Philip Phillips and Joshua Ledet are like those dreamers who believe that ‘dreams do come true if dreamers do’. People have witnessed their Idol journey since day one and now on the incoming finale.


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