PBB Eviction Night: Public agrees on Karen, but are they turned off to Kit?

This last PBB eviction night, many were surprised after Kit got only an about 13 percent of vote which is far from what he got on the first eviction. It seems like the public have gone their admiration to Kit after he had showed the other side of him, and shift their eyes on Karen, who also surprisingly got about 42 percent of the vote.


It was quite ironic, since Karen was almost eliminated on the first eviction, and that time it was Kit who is on the first spot.

To date, the two were even became a talk of the town on their early stay in the Big Brother house, as they both showed their obvious attraction to each other. But suddenly, with the issues concerning Karen and the other housemates, Kit all of a sudden diverted his attention to Myrtle. The young model turned housemate, once claimed to Joj (Timmy) that he also has attraction to the cosplayer, but he thought of not getting closer to her, since she was childish-like. In the initial airing of Uberkada, this last Saturday, May 12, a PBB follower once asked Kit, who he thinks he likes most, Karen or Mytle? A moment of silence intercedes as he answered it. Yet, he chose Myrtle, because he is comfortable of being with her, and explained that he and Karen have misunderstandings most of the time.

Kit had showed already how he dealt with fellow housemates. In their task in which they have to build a house out of the materials provided by Kuya, Kit’s team basically was supposed to loose on the run, yet still manage to finish the task despite the certain disappointment in him. He used to give side comments during that time, and seems had the awkward presence from his fellow members, Myrtle and Mariz. He is just lucky to have the understanding team mates, who even convinced him not to pressure himself from the task. Kit was appointed leader of their group, together with Ryan and Roy on the other two groups.

Could he be blamed on this? Well, as for the publics’ view, this might affect their decision on who to save for the eviction.

And here is Karen, who really showed the real her on just the first week of their stay in the house. She even had an early clashed with evicted housemates Claire and Nikka, and even ‘insecurity’ towards Mrytle, which was caused by Kit’s extra attention to the cosplayer.

What’s with the magic of Karen? I think it is because of being true to herself. She is not afraid of saying the words in her head. She might sound ‘taklesa’ but she is just showing the real side of her. But it was noted that she even commented on this attitude by her housemates. That attitude of her is one of the reasons why most of the housemates nominated her. Her housemates wanted her to think first before bursting out her temper, and should also avoid the ‘pagpaparinig’ which she usually fond of doing when she hated someone inside the house.






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