Alec, in or out PBB house?

Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus

Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Will Alec of PBB Teen Edition be saved by the public?

It was actually the first time that Alec was nominated. Alec’s nomination is different from the previous boys; he was given by Big Brother an automatic nomination after he talked with Ryan and Roy about the upcoming nomination, which is strictly prohibited inside the house. But before giving the consequence, Kuya gave the three housemates a ‘basketball challenge’ in which the person who got the lowest point in shooting will be automatically nominated.

Ryan and Roy both got an about 80 points, and Alec, about 50 points. The housemates learned of the result of the ‘challenge’ and who is the third nominee for eviction the day after that. Kuya explained to housemates the reason why Alec was nominated. But it seems like Alec will be saved by his supporters if they will just consider how he became nice in the house. In fact among the boys, he is the closest to girls.

This housemate has also supporters in Twitter who are encouraging the public to vote for him. Even if he is not yet nominated, these supporters were actually giving supports to their favorite housemate.

The other two nominees Kit and Yves, have been previously nominated and have been saved by the public. However, this will not give assurance that they will be saved again, since, if their previous votes on the previous eviction night are to be considered, those are not that high.

Kit’s nomination is third straight in a row. His attitude of being too much frank is one of the reasons why he was nominated again by his housemates. Base on his previous votes during the eviction night, Kit is somehow on the unsafe track. Karen, who almost got half the percentage of the total votes, is always on the lead for two consecutive eviction nights, thus, taking Kit’s place who once got the same percentage. From the last two nominations, Kit just got no less than twenty percentages, but still there are many out there who admired his look, who will text to save him from eviction.


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