One may ask, what is the secret element of a good teleserye? From a viewer’s perspective, there are two: effective acting of the actors to their role, and proper treatment of the story.

There are times that viewers were tired of waiting when will be the main character find out the secrets. There are times also, that making the story too long enough to reach its revealing part makes out of no sense, thus, resulting to loosing the viewer’s interest. Quick pacing of the story, without too much detail through flashbacks and long dialogues are the secret elements that the teleserye ‘Walang Hanggan’ has. Its story gives it all, and had done impressively. Proof to this is the consistent high rating of the teleserye everyday as AGB Nielsen provided.

On the other hand, it is already given that actors and actresses of the teleserye gave impressive performances; besides they are of high caliber actors from various generations of talents. Among those in the lead roles are: veteran actress, Susan Roces and Helen Gamboa; former love team, Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta; new breed of matinee idol Coco Martin and Paolo Avelino; and young star Julia Montes. They are with Joem Bascon, Melissa Ricks, Ogie Diaz and many more. Performances of these actors are really believable. But the focus of this article is on analyzing the proper treatment of the story base on (again!) from viewer’s perspective.




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