Language and Facilitative Approach to Teaching

English: A special education teacher assists o...

English: A special education teacher assists one of her students. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Language is an indispensable tool in communication. It is also one of the significant tools being used by the teachers to practice their profession. Without it, it is impossible for learners to acquire knowledge easily.

Through the use of language teachers will be able to perform their roles, among these are: (1) in maintaining the interest and the attention of the students; (2) in giving directions and instructions to the students; (3) in encouraging the students; (and (5) in reminding the students.

However, the ‘proper’ use of language greatly affects the students. In the study of Flanders (1960), he said that the personality of the teacher has an effect to students’ advancement and development of their attitude. According to him students usually followed the teachers who are indirectly giving command or giving command with the use of the expression ‘please’ in right manner. For example: can you please give me chalk. It is unlike with teachers who are directly giving command. Teachers like this showed that they are more authoritative than his/her students.

Similarly, Ato (1976) investigated on how a teacher communicated with the students and its effect to the students. In his study he found out that the students increase their self-esteem and they get higher grade if a teacher used a motivating and inspiring words.




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