‘Crazy Little Thing’ the 5th time around

If I were to confess something which I am guilty of doing, that is, telling the whole wide world that I never stop watching ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love‘– for the record I’d currently watch it the fifth time now.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I really like the characters of Nam and Shone, and the way they secretly love each other. Nam’s character is very interesting one, in which many teenage out there could relate with. I am pretty sure some of them do get inspiration from the one they really admired. She is the typical teenager who will find way just to have sneak peek to her crush, and will do everything just to be noticed by the guy he likes the most. And of course, making that guy to be her reason to wake up in the morning.

Then, here is Shone, the head turning campus crush-slash-photographer-slash hopeless football player, who turned to be secretly in love to Nam, even when she is still an ‘ugly duckling’. There are many times that Shone is about to tell her feelings to Nam, but he was being driven away by her fear of being neglected or what we called ‘torpe’ in Tagalog. Despite being a good looking guy, he is also a romantic person in disguise. Imagine that he grew up the white roses just to give those to Nam, but because of his lack of self-confidence he told Nam that those are from his friend.

Of course, the scene in which Shone turn the pages of scrap book is really one of the remarkable scenes in the film. It was shortly revealed in the scene his heartaches and regrets.

Nam is also, noted on what she did just to have the attention of Shone. She and her three other friends bought a book on how to win a man’s heart. They followed the nine methods. Nam, secretly did the nine methods with the hope that he will have Shone.

I think, the fact that I know that they love each other made me more entice of the story. I am always waiting when Nam will learn that it was Shone who bite the apple when she played as Snow White, who always made the stolen picture for her, who always look after her, and who always made her his reason to transpire.

I also like the ending of the story in which they both revealed their true feelings to each in a national television. Both of them waited for nine years to see each other again– that time Nam was already a famous fashion designer and Shone quit football to pursue his dream to become a professional photographer.

Of course, I will be watching this film again, probably next month, so that I will truly miss both Nam and Shone.

Wait! I can’t wait to see again Mario Maurer (Shone) in his new film, ‘Suddenly It’s Magic’, with Erich Gonzales.



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