Waiting for Daylight (A1 album)

Waiting for Daylight (A1 album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inside the the jeepney going to a training, which I will be facilitating, the driver started to play the hit songs of the band, A1. This made me reminisce those times that most of the radio stations and video channel aired the songs of this band. Those were the times that they have truly caught the heart of every Filipino, especially the youth. Besides having the charismatic looks, their voice are indeed heavenly-like to listen with.

Ben, Christian, Paul and Mark are all excellent singers. None of them is left behind when they are performing.

I usually sing the song ‘Like A Rose‘ when I was in elementary. Honestly, I really don’t know the lyrics of the song, I just tried to invent some words that sound like the original one. In fact, those words, which I invented, are not existing in the dictionary (as far as I know). That time also, there was the MTV Philippines aired in Studio 23 and later was transferred to Channel 41. I turned to get hooked of MTV because of A1. I am truly amazed on their music video just like the ‘Same Old Brand New You‘. Few years had passed, local MTV Channel was moved to a cable channel, despite this I still heard their songs through radio.

The band had continued their journey until they reached the limelight of success of their career. Early this year, 2012, the band disbanded leaving their another hit, ‘Waiting for Daylight‘.

Though they are no longer performing, and the members have already their individual career in showbiz and personal lives, I know for sure that A1 is forever an A1. They will stay forever in the hearts of their supporters, mostly from the Philippines. But I do wish, that they will be reunited for another ‘brand new day’ just ‘like the blooming rose’.


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