What makes your Christmas special?

Everyone of us find ways on how to make our Christmas special. Some had reunion for their clan. Some went out of town with their family for vacation. Some hung out with their friends. For us these things are special. Special since we gather all the people whom we love.

Love once wrapped by our heart and pure spirit of sincerity is indeed the best gift that we can give and the best present we can receive.There are many ways in which we can show our love to others. We can pray for their health and safety. We can be there with them when they needed us most, specially when they are experiencing trials in life.

This year our country was hit by many calamities leaving trails of famine, grief, and hopelessness among those Filipinos in the affected area of the country. Many properties were destroyed and many lives were killed.Though many Filipinos remained optimistic, yet the fact still remains that many have no basic necessities to live, and this Christmas, for sure, they don’t have plenty of foods to share with their family.Painting their faces with smiles from the simple gift of those who helped is something that will make ones’ heart over flowing with gladness. Good thing that many have already showed their support for the early recovery of our fellow Filipinos. Both public and private institutions and individuals have continuously working hand-in-hand to extend their helping hands.Their names are no need to mention for God knows who they are.The help these people have extended may not be constant, but the pensiveness they showed will at least lessen the burdens of our fellow Filipinos.

Celebration of Christmas this year is more special than the usual, for many have joined the celebration of relieving the grief and of giving hope to our countrymen by giving them the best gift— and that is LOVE, in which we all showed through prayers and generosity.


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