David Pomeranz brings back the old song

David Pomeranz

David Pomeranz (Photo credit: ravissant74)

It’s nice timing for David Pomeranz to bring back the love songs that he shared to us Filipinos, since Valentines Day is nearly coming. However, there is one thing that we Filipinos have to agree on— that is we truly miss David and his songs.

Last night, he had performed a duet with Sarah Geronimo in Sarah G Live, in which they sung two songs. Funny little thing happened that night when he forgot the first lyrics of the last song he sung. The singer showed the natural side of him by shortly making fun of that simple mistake, and as he rebounded, he impressively performed well. For sure, the experience on seeing David again performing to Filipinos is a reminiscing moment of those times when most of the radio stations played his love songs.

His popularity in the Philippines is a phenomenal one. He was few of the foreign singers who stayed in the country to pursue their career. For so many years, he touched the hearts of every Filipinos and this not made him foreign in the country.

David is here in the Philippines to promote his new songs, which are more of revivals of his old songs, which have new arrangement. There are also other revival songs from other singers. Also, the singer invited everyone in his shows in the Philippines—the first one is in Cebu.


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