When love find its way…

There is ‘this’ thing that I am not so sure if we all agree on—it is destiny. I do believe in destiny, for I know that love find its way into one’s heart. Destiny never dictates us on whom to love, instead it guides us to be on the right person. Honestly, this presumption of mine is just the by-products of the romantic movies that I watched. Those films, though fictitious, are said to be half-truth.

The films ‘Accident Husband’ and ‘The Lake House’ made me feel that loving isn’t that easy to find and sometimes impossible to find, but if you are destined to be with, whatever it takes, you will be together.

Here are the two films:

‘Accident Husband’

Emma is a DJ, noted for being a love doctor. She gave pieces of advice about love to her listeners. One of her caller is Sofia, girlfriend of Patrick, a firefighter. Sofia asked if she has to pursue marrying her boyfriend. The DJ advised her not to marry her boyfriend, since they’ve into a relationship for just three months, and to wait for the right time to tie the knot. Sofia followed the advice, and worst thing is that he broke up with her fiancée. Patrick heard of the advice and sought revenge to Emma. The firefighter’s friend is knowledgeable in hacking the internet, so his friend hack the system of the office of the civil registrar. There the hacker manipulated the data, and registered Emma and Patrick as married couple. Emma learned of that when she and Richard, her fiancé, filed their marriage license in the registrar’s office. She looked for Patrick to correct the record. As Patrick did his plot, Emma learned to fall in love with him—the feeling that made her confuse of choosing between her fiancée and Patrick. Later, she found out Patrick’s real intention. From this revelation, both of them were really hurt, because Patrick fell in love as well to Emma. On the day of Emma’s marriage, Richard, her fiancée set her free. Well, as the usual ending of the story—Emma and Patrick finally live together as husband and wife.

The story only tells us that sometimes we don’t actually expect the right person for us. That person might be somewhere else waiting for the time to meet us. We woke up every day without any knowledge of what will happen next for that day. Finding the person to be with us for the rest of our life, is one of the unexpected things that we don’t know might happen for that day. I am pretty sure that it happens in real life.

Let us just make use of the story ‘Accident Husband’ as an example. Emma and Patrick may be from separate ways, but destiny seeks ways on how they met, which begins from just a piece of advice.

I do hope that I am like Emma who let go of her feelings to be with the person she loves. She is a woman who believes in the power of love despite that she might hurt Richard. As a person who gives advice, she made up her mind of telling her fiancée that she would love to be with Patrick. However, Richard is a man who proves that ‘when you love someone set her free’. Before the wedding, Richard talked with Emma and told her of the decision he made up.

‘The Lake House’

Love story about lover’s from different times is not new to me. I have watched several films about this story line, and it is no big different upon watching ‘The Lake House’, but setting a new serene relationship of two people from different times gives an old brand new romance film.

Katie, a doctor who lives in the future (year 2006) is three years time ahead of Alex (year 2003), who is an architect. The story begins with a question: Why is it difficult for Katie to forget about the Lake House? It was answered as the story little by little revealed about the Lake House through the mailbox, which is at the house. The film might be of mystic, since the mailbox connects the lovers from different times. The scene is set into a nostalgic romance as the lovers are finding ways on how to make each other feel at ease. Even before the mailbox on the year 2003, the two had seen each other in a party organized by Katie’s boyfriend, who happened to be the newly acquaintance of Alex. The two had a chance to talk and to kiss each other. That time, it was only Alex who knew of Katie, since it was he, who is aware of the mailbox.

They have decided to see each other for real, and Alex made a reservation in a restaurant for the year 2006. Katie went to the restaurant and waited for long hours, but Alex didn’t came. From this, Katie had decided to stop from chatting Alex since she did feel that it is impossible for them to see in the same time and their relationship will not work out.

However, before that event, they have decided to meet on February 14, 2006. When that time came, Alex died from a vehicle accident. Katie, on the same date, went to a company owned by Alex, information she is not aware. The painting of ‘The Lake House’ made her realized that Alex worked there, and Alex’s brother informed them that his brother died on the same date. Trying to change the fate, Katie hurriedly went back to the Lake House to tell Alex, through mailbox, not to cross the road. She is successful on changing the fate of Alex. On the same date, February 14, 2006, the lovers finally seen each other for real at the Lake House.

This film, well of course is impossible to happen in real life. But what is true about this film is the romance that is beyond border. The film only shows to us that if we love someone, we should find way on how we should show our love to that person. The excitement on when they will meet makes the film more worthy of watching. The excitement grows as they both exchange the simple note which started from the mailbox and later develop their true feelings to each other. They may be from different times, but the love that they gave to each other is a love that is overwhelming to experience—how I wish I could find one (we might not know!)


Let’s talk about destiny. The two stories I have shared you (and recommended you to watch) depict the life of couple who have not known each other for long. They have met due to various circumstances that transcend their feelings to a mutual one. Being with someone we love, or a lifetime partner, perhaps, is a destiny. Just like Emma and Patrick (Accident Husband), and Katie and Alex (Lake House), who find their love ones unexpectedly from unusual place and time. The characters in the story are like us. We turned out to be with the person we never knew would be with us. What happened to us everyday are always unexpected and sometimes weird. I believe when fate unfolds, we never know what will happen next and we just have to go with the flow. For me, this is what I believe—a destiny. It is not written on our palm and could be change depending on the situation. God is the one who made our fate, and I believe that He could change it if He feels that it is not good to us. Similarly, He finds the right person for us— whom He believed is better for us! I may not be the right person to talk about how it is to be in a relationship, since I never been into one. But, I think I am on the right position to tell about, how it is to be falling in love—just like the two couples from the two films.


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