Five Reasons to Smile on April 5, 2013…

It's Like Harry Potter Film...When you have your moving picture

How I love to smile. How I love to smile. How I love to smile… Smile and smile… 

When I get surprise, I am literally surprised! I make my mouth wide open to show how delightful I am when someone surprises me… In this moving picture, I just showed here how I opened my mouth and projected my big smile– not a killer smile, a deadly smile perhaps, simultaneous to my waving hands, when I was surprised.

I have many reasons to smile on April 5, 2013. First, the night before that day, my niece had a high fever because of urinary tract infection, and she was already feeling well before I left in the morning, I thank God for taking care of her; second, I was tapped again to facilitate a training workshop on writing with the kinder teachers; third, I enjoyed my day with the kinder teachers who are really participating in the activities that we had for that day; fourth, I was able to paint a wonderful smile on the faces of the twenty-five kinder teachers who attended the training, as they leave the room after a five-nose-bleeding day in English Training; fifth, I spent four chatting hours with my friends and fellow faculty talking about a lot of things under the glaring full moon, things that we seldom do since we are all busy on our own schedule; and lastly, the most important one, I made my niece smile when I gave her the bubble toy which I promised her yesterday, she always reminded me of that yesterday though it is difficult for her to pronounce the word “bula” (a bubble) I exactly knew what she wanted. Also, waking up in the morning is my everyday reason for me to at least smile, for another life is given to me by our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Clouieh Mae, my 2-year old cute little niece, posing seriously as what my cousin told her to do

The twenty-five kinder teachers and me (at the center wearing the stripe polo) with our lips pouted…

Smiling motivates us for the day, for it creates a good aura on how to deal with the people that we encounter everyday. Just be reminded that, when you smile (though your teeth are aching) you don’t only make yourself happy, but also those people who saw you smiling.

And before you end reading this post… CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE A BIG SMILE… (SMILE NAMAN DIYAN!)

Thank you… Mr./Ms. Smiley  : )


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