Ikea paint brush


that luscious lips of yours—

a pair of

angelina jolie’s

prominent pout;

that diamond shape eyes of yours

which became more striking  from your ticklish eye lashes

and less thick eye brow—

that of like a caucasian descent;

that pointed noise of yours

emphasizing the beauty of your visage—

that i couldn’t help myself

i wanted to pinch it

that height of yours

in which as you stand

i’m just leveled

by your armpit,

that body of yours—

once it flexed you’re like of that famous ‘oblation’

well-toned and full of strength

that you could squeeze my skinny body;

oh! before i fall on you…

i remember of my brush

running through the canvas

shading through the canvas

with various hue

on your visage

on your body

and beneath the canvas

it is my love for you intercedes

as art arbitrates

july 30, 2012, 1:48 p.m.


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