For ‘Day’ and ‘Dong’: An Almost Fairy Tale Story


OF COURSE A FAIRY TALE STORY always begins with a Once Upon A Time… but let me begin it with… Once There was a Time for a change.
So, once there was a time when everything in this world are full of oblivion, wrath, revenge, and deceit then a knight came to make a lonesome princess happy. She thought of her future as bride, as wife, and as mother. She stood by her belief of giving her devotion to God to answer her prayer. She asked for signs, like what she always did whenever she sought God’s grace. Until, a knight came into her life offering his love to damsel. And, as sharp as the spear, their prayers were answered. That was quite years ago… and they are now GAY FULLY married. The knight and the princess turned King and Queen of their own, and expecting for their little prince or princess to come.
It was sort of fairy tale like story of a friend of mine, who is my co-teacher, and her husband, who is a soldier. I have little thing to share about this couple and on how they manage their relationship despite their long distance relationship.

Their love story may not be odd but it is inspiring to know how they take their relationship very lightly. Even though the husband left for months to perform his duties as soldier, yet they are still finding ways to have their communication. It might sound that they are the other version of Nicholas Spark’s ‘Dear John’, since they occasionally send text messages and calls every day. When it is more likely possible for my friend to visit his husband, no matter how distantly away she is to him, she does it, and so her husband to her. When they are together they spend time to make the most of it. As what my friend told, they usually talked about funny stuffs, perhaps avoiding topics that might sound not interesting to one of them. Being thoughtful literally is not on their vocabulary, instead it was showed. It was expressed through their simplest ways. It might not be as extravagant as giving of boquet of roses, but the simple laughter from their corny jokes and their term of endearments, which is ‘Day’ (a lady) and ‘Dong’ (a man) are enough to show how they love and respect each other.
Their love is tantamount to blessing, for they are blessed with their good careers in life as soldier and as professor. But the biggest blessing that they have is they are soon to become parents. Before the year ends their most awaited baby will be born. Though still inside the womb, they nicknamed the child ‘Choco’. I don’t know why they called him ‘Choco’, perhaps because his father has choco-like complexion (Peace sir!).

On top of it… trust, respect, and love are their middle names. These 407212_565860293429258_1435447867_nknot their hearts that bind them together despite the distant relationship. On their second year anniversary as married couple Kudos to them! And just like the usual ending of a fairy tale… May they live happily ever after as couple…


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