Hotel room stock photo

Hotel room stock photo (Photo credit: espensorvik)

When you asked her about her parents, she has a lot of things to tell. She would tell you, her parents are in the U.S. attending some international meetings, or the other day they were in Japan, spending their nights in Tokyo, they own a ranch, they’re doctors by profession and owned business… they are these and that… they have these and that… they are everything and they have the whole thing. When you ask who she is? Like her parents she also tells many things about her. She owns a car, lives in a high-class condominium, studies in a known girl school at the town, has many fake friends, popular in their school… She is a girl of everything… A girl all guys out there would ask for. These are all according to her that almost too true to a false truth.

Meet Mabel. That is how she gets use to it. She pretends most of the time just to hide her emotions—her real emotions. Yes, she cries, but nobody knows the real reason why she cries. She cries in front of different strangers whom she met every night at the bar. She tells then that she broke up with her famous boyfriend who chose his career, that her parents got separated, that she was kicked out from her school… she has many reasons to cry but none of it was true. But those tears were true, but none of us would realize that those tears came from her real experiences that she wanted to forget. Her tears are as mysterious as she is.

Until, she met this guy named Ray— a room boy in a hotel. They met one night when Mabel checked-in the hotel room with another guy. Drunken and seemed unconscious of what she was doing, Mabel was flirting with the guy. Ray easily noticed her because of her loud voice that almost heard on the other room. She was carried by the guy, who was touching her. Ray snatched a glance to Mabel while opening the room.

It was a short checked-in, and Ray as ordered by the manager, knocked on the door and told the customers that they have to leave the room. No one came out. Worried of his job, Ray asked the receptionist if those who checked-in in the room had left already. Only the guy was recorded and that means Mabel was still inside the room. Ray went back, knocked the door several times, and again no one responded. So, he picked his duplicate key and opened the door. No one was on the bed, the bed sheet was scattered on the floor, pillows were under the bed, and all the personal things of the customer are on the bed. But where is Mabel? He heard of the sound of running water from the tub. He hurriedly went to the bath room… and there he saw Mabel, almost asleep. Her head was held up and nearly drowned. Ray wake her up, but she insisted that she wanted to stay. He had no choice but to carry Mabel out from the tub. Ray was assisted by his girl workmate to fix Mabel.

Outside the hotel, Mabel is squandering while walking. Ray offered her to hitch a cub, but Mabel would rather choose to walk. Ray just took a glance to Mabel, whom he pitied much.

An hour after that, Ray was off from his work. From the hotel he walked along the street. He stared at the sky and watched how the stars glistened despite his nostalgia. He thought of the girl he met hours before that. Is there something in her that caught his attention? Well, it’s true, he is attracted to her, that even though she was heavily drunk she is still beautiful. Her brown eyes, her nose, her lips… in fact her whole face is a perfect visage of a true Hera. Ray touched his lips, and took a bite… No… he had to forget about that incident. That was just an accident. She was drunk and he was carrying her. And he… he likes her. And he initiated the kiss. And he likes the kiss, though it was a short one.

Hotel room - Bangkok

Hotel room – Bangkok (Photo credit: vodkamax)

Beside the road, he heard someone was moaning and groaning. Familiar shoes caught his attention. He ran hurriedly, and there he saw Mabel sleeping on pile of garbage. He helped her, and had no idea on where to bring her. He was supposed to bring her in the hotel, but he had no money for just one night stay. He had no choice but to bring her in his apartment. He shared the apartment with two of his friends—all boys.



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