You love writing but you don’t have publisher to share your works. Actually, you don’t need to have publisher, if you yourself can be a publisher of your own works. It is possible in blogging. So far, I have already three blogsites from three different blog hosting websites. I am using my blog in sharing some of my stories, poems and essays; in giving lectures to my students; and in posting my videos and photos.
If you haven’t yet had your own blog, try the following:


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

1. WORDPRESS– it is one of the most popular blogsites which caters large number of users of different field of interest from food, fashion, culture, photography to various area of discipline in the academe. It is highly regarded for bringing anything under the sun to varieties of readers.

WordPress is known for being interactive. If the user wants his Facebook friends or Twitter followers to read his work without copying and pasting the URL of the blog post in the wall, the user can activate the automatic posting of his blog post; the user has to look at the setting of his blog account to activate it. However, even the WordPress non-users can click the ‘like’ and ‘share’ button if they want to post the blog post in their social networking site. This feature is very essential since it can reach wide readers.

Users can invite other users to be their follower. Even the non-user can post their own work if the ‘host’ of the WordPress account activated the ‘submit file’ feature of the site. There is also a built-in ‘comments tab’ which is usually absent in some blogsites. The blog user can also monitor the number of his visitors each country everyday and to know which of the posts are the most visited or most read. Its advantage is it helps the user know what particular topic for the blog he should be posting for his readers.

Aside from limitless number of ready-made layouts to choose for, the user can also manage his site by customizing its template. Visit my blog at

Image representing Webs as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

2. WEBS- Webs is a free and very useful blog especially if you are a teacher who wanted to upload documents which will be used in the class discussion. I used this blog to upload all the lectures which I will be using for my class. My students will just have to download the documents. Documents can be a word file, PDF, Excel, or power point. There is also a customize area, in which the user can give description of the file. I have realized sending email is time consuming, since I have to type all the e-mail ads of my students.

Besides, not all of my students have their own email account.
This application is not automatically added to your widgets after you had created your Webs. There is a customize area in the website where you can select what applications to be used. There, you should select DOCUMENT. This will be added to your widgets. Uploading is the same thing when you are uploading photos for Facebook.
Another feature that I like about this blog is it looks more of a website than a blogsite. You can manage your template, include add-ons or widgets, and very easy to use. However, there is a limitation of storage in uploading files in this blog. If you had already reached the limitation you are no longer allowed to post, while your previous files are still there. My tips are, lessen uploading videos and photos and upgrade your account to a real website where there will be payment to be charged. Visit my blog at

Image representing Tumblr as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

3. TUMBLR– Its significant feature is to directly update your Facebook status right after you post your work. There is no need to copy paste the URL in your wall, just customize the setting of your blog to automatically post your work in your Facebook. It also has the same feature in WordPress, where non-user can also submit their own work to the user. You can also follow other users and be updated of their post. One thing I like in this blogsite is that, the users were clustered according to their interest. If you are fond of film, you can follow any users who also have the same interest as you. You can start a chat, update your blog by posting your own ‘status’ in your dashboard, post your video, photos, and motto in life. There is also a chance for the non-user to ask anything to you, just activate the ‘ask anything’ tab in your setting. However, this blogsite has no built-in ‘comment tab’ to enable this feature you have to add Disquss application to your blog. But I assure this one is very user friendly. Try visiting my page at

Start making your blog and begin spreading your works to wide readers. Kudos!


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