Make a Difference, Make a Change…

University of Rizal System

University of Rizal System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Narcylene C. Benzonan (BSBA-HRDM III/CSSI)

(1st Place, Essay Writing Contest 13th Foundation Day of URS-Antipolo Campus)

How do we distinguish development? Is there a proof to know how? Are there bases on conquering the heights of development? Development is not something that we can crave, but it is something that we hope. Every now and then, there is development. The aim on achieving development can be likened to the construction of a road. In order to become a strong foundation, different quality materials are needed for the construction, as in the aim of the university to become the leading university in human development. But attaining such aim of the university is not an easy task, in which the road to development is where adversities happen. There are trials, difficulties, and a problem that may hinder the university to achieve its goal.

Conquering the road towards the goal is like refining gold. From dirt, dust of gold must be soaked and purified, so the particles will be separated to distinguish which is gold. This is similar in achieving the road to development. As we traverse the road towards the most preferred university for human development, the university should be able to make the products of the university a qualified student in a holistic approach that wherever they may be, they will be recognized. In refining the students— to get the gold in them— they should be trained and exposed in their specific field. Quality education is not the only requirements in order to refine them, but developing them as a person who can face the real world and can apply what they had learned from the university are things to also consider.

What creates development is the person who aims to make difference— a person who wants to make change. They are the faculty, the staff, and the administrators of the University of Rizal System, whom alongside their aims to attain their objectives are facing trials, problems, and criticisms. As they are taking the road towards their goals, they turned to become resilient, honest, transparent, accountable and socially responsible.

Bringing change to the society is not an easy task, it requires proper planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling among those who are in the university. These must be done to achieve the realization of the university to become ‘one of the most preferred universities for human development’. Conquering this task is a challenge to each in everyone in the university.

For the students, it is a challenge to be the best that they can be and to strive for the best and view the future as if it is happening now. When should they start? The best day is to start today, for they still have much time to traverse the road of the aim of the university.

For the leaders and the teaching force of the university, it is a challenge to accept and to introduce innovations, giving more patience and sharing every knowledge and wisdom to create next leaders for the next generation.

Achieving the goal to be one of the best and leading universities for human development simply means that there is a need to accept changes, to learn and to study the changes, to know how to approach these changes and to convert them into something that can make difference and can make change— a change to every ‘products’ of the university that would bring legacy for the university to achieve its goal. After all, as these ‘products’— the students— unite as one; they are like ‘giants’ leaving huge footsteps on the road as symbol of hardships and sacrifices towards the aim of the university.


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