They’re not politician’s scholars

Students of Nan Hua High School gathering in t...

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Before preliminary term of this semester ends, I received dropping forms from four of my students. I was saddened because I knew how these students wanted to perspire and to transpire just to finish their education. It took me so long to sign the dropping forms, for I know that financial reason made these students decide to stop. I wanted to convince them not to stop, but I know it is helpless to say so, for they don’t have any resources to pursue their studies. These students were just able to study because they were receiving monthly allowance from their scholar, and all of a sudden, their scholarship was affected due to political reason.

That day, they seemed caught in the snare where there were no ways to escape. They just made up their mind to be trapped from political issue, which involves the politician who granted their scholar. The politician won last election and was charged for a case, so he was suspended from his post; this resulted to cutting of the scholarship of the students.

This is what I would want to argue. The scholarship of the students was supposed to be renewed considering that, they are not the scholar of the politician; they are scholars of their municipality. Given that the politician was suspended, his replacement should have continued the scholarship grant.

The amounts received by the scholars were from the budget of the local government and not from the pocket of the politician. Thus, the students can practice their rights to demand from the local government for the request of renewing their scholarship grant, but this not actually happens.

A heart breaking reality and true color of politics can be reflected as to how political and personal issues between the charged-politician and his replacement clashed. The students were seemed at the middle of the two opposing boats yearning to win the race. Here, students are the innocent victims of political issue confronting the two politicians. The students, as the so-called scholar of the charged-politician are considered politically associated to this politician, thus, their scholarship were revoked, when the charged-politician was accused of political anomaly.
These students just wanted to finish their students, so they could achieve all their plans in life. But their dreams will be deferred for the mean time since they will be stopping this semester without any assurance if they could enrol again in the succeeding semesters.

There should have law concerning the protection of the scholars specially if they are government scholars. Scholars should not be victimized by the personal concerns of the politicians. They should not be used in siphoning of funds that are being used by other politicians for personal gain. Again, they should not be tagged as politician’s scholar, since what they received are from the money of the people who are paying taxes.

I am concerned of my students, because I could relate on their struggle to finish their studies. I know how difficult it was to find tuition fee and daily allowance. Hope still lies in the heart of my students as they told me that they will be trying to find their luck to save money for them to enrol next semester. I hope on this as well.


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