The Least Thing Few Good Men Can Do!

Truly, there are still few good men on their own little way.

I seated beside a man who is in the late 50’s. He was not well-dressed and wrinkles on his face was so obvious. As we depart from the terminal, he suddenly knocked the ceiling of the jeepney, then uttered, “Manong pakibaba na lang po ako sa Santolan, pwede po bang makisakay na lang ako? Wala po kasi talaga akong pera.” The driver answered in a low tone, “O, sige po pero pwede po bang sabit na lang kayo?” The passenger was about to stand from his seat when a simple dress woman clutched her hands to his arms—stopping him from standing. Gradually, the woman offered a free fair for the passenger; she will be paying for the old man.

I, who seated beside the old man, a passenger away from the woman, and few meters away from the driver had realized that there still a way for us to help other people in the least thing that we can do and a realization that there is glory for being honest.

The old man taught us to be honest in his simple way. In the usual occasion, many of us don’t have guts to tell in front of many jeepney passengers that we don’t have money to pay for the fair. Some would rather not pay than telling the truth because of a fear of rejection from the driver and a fear for being the subject of humiliation for not paying the fair. The old man projected that he was not hesitant for being not deceitful in front of many especially to the driver. His honesty was paid back through the driver who still let him ride on the jeep and eventually led to the kind woman who paid for him. Hence, a good person who would have planted honesty will grow that seed more than what he expected it to become.

Twenty-two pesos may be a small amount, but this amount might be of big helped for the old man. What if the old man has to be with his family for that day due to emergency? What if important matter comes along and the old man has to deal with that? There could be several possibilities which might be the reasons why the old man had to hurriedly go home.

Realizing such should be owed to the woman who paid the fair and to the driver who initially offered a free hitch ride before the woman’s offer.

We should not deny the fact that there are some drivers who would have not allowed the old man to take a hitch or for other passengers not to pay for other’s fair. What the woman and the driver did is a responsibility of every human being. The generosity showed by the driver and the woman is a manifestation that there are still few good men who think of other people. Also, what these two people did is indeed a reminder to all of us that there is this thing in this world that we should not forget—that is to be humane. Thus, it tells us that extending help and being benevolent to other should be human nature, but these responsibilities are things that some of us have forgotten already.

Honesty and humanity are two of the things that are being neglected by us. But, meeting these three people in unusual circumstances depicts only that truly there are still good people who had done good things the least thing they can do.


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