Photos of python taken in PH, Time’s pick this year

As annually practice, The Time, an international informative magazine, had recently released its 100+ pick for this year’s surprising photos. This includes two photos taken in the Philippines.

Erik De Castro of Reuters took photo of Emmanuel Tangco, a zoo owner, last Feb. 3 while he reads a book to his snakes in his bedroom. The photo taken by Rouelle Umali of Xinhua/Corbis last Oct. 3 showed a python lies on an orangutan on the eve of World Animal Day. Both photos were taken at Malabon Zoo, Malabon City, Metro Manila.

These photos were included in the Time’s picks for they showed that there are snake which are not harmful. In fact, many considered this animal as their pet, and this is obviously seen to Mr. Tangco.

The complete list of 128 selected photos were chosen by Time’s photo editors. To view the list, follow this link .


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