The college aims to:

1. Develop leaders and high level professionals in education, business
and social sciences.
2. Produce students committed to community development and
services in aid of instruction, research and extension in the service of
God, the country, the University, and people.
3. Develop the scientific, creative and critical capabilities of the


Master in Business Administration
1. Develop the students’s capacity to adapt and to innovate to solve
problems, to cope with unforeseen events, and to manage the
unpredictable business environments
2. Impart the students with the latest ad relevant knowledge from the
field management and business practice
3. Provide students with necessary managerial skills
4. Impart/develop the work values and attitudes to function
effectively in managerial and administrative program

Master of Arts in Educational Management
1. Enhance management skills among educational leaders;
2. Develop qualities, positive values and attitudes related to
leadership and management; and
3. Strengthen commitment to lead and contribute to society’s

Master in Public Administration
1. Provide the students with leading edge on the theoretical and
conceptual knowledge to enable them to understand and analyze
public administration;
2. Equip the students with the necessary skills for success in a
constantly changing organizational environment; and
3. Provide the students with normative foundations of public
administration for effective governance.



Foundation Subjects (15 Units) 

Educ 200              –              Methods of Research   

Educ 201              –              Statistical Methods        

BA 200                  –              Financial Accounting      

BA 201                  –              Quantitative Business Analysis  

BA 400                  –              Seminar in Thesis Writing            

 Major Subjects (18 Units)

BA 202                  –              Executive Training and Development     

BA 203                  –              Advanced Macroeconomics Analysis      

BA 204                  –              Advanced Concepts in Organization & Mgt.        

BA 205                  –              Advanced Production & Operations Mgt.             

BA 206                  –              Advanced Marketing Management        

BA 207                  –              Public Fiscal Policy and Administration and Private Corporate Finance Policy

BA 208                  –              Financial Management 

Cognates (9 Units, Any three (3) of the following subjects)

BA 209                  –              Management Information System          

BA 210                  –              Agribusiness Management         

BA 211                  –              Environmental Analysis

BA 212                  –              Corporate Planning and Strategy             

BA 213                  –              Seminar in Explorations of Special Problems in Top Management             

 Thesis Writing    6 Units


Foundation Subjects                      15 Units               

Educ 200              –              Methods of Research   

Educ 201              –              Statistical Methods        

Educ 202              –              Philosophical Foundation of Education  

PA 201                  –              Human Behavior in Organization              

PA 400                  –              Seminar in Thesis Writing            

 Major Subjects                 18 Units

 PA 202                  –              Theory and Practice in Public Administration      

PA 203                  –              Management Planning and Control        

PA 204                  –              Organization and Management

PA 205                  –              Personnel Administration           

PA 206                  –              Government Budgeting               

PA 207                  –              Supervised Field Training (Practicum)    

 Cognates:            Any three (3) of the following subjects  9 Units

 PA 208                  –              Fiscal Administration     

PA 209                  –              Administrative Communication

PA 210                  –              Local Government Administration           

PA 211                  –              Seminar in Current Research and Development in Public Administration               

PA 212                  –              Human Relations and Group Dynamics  

PA 213                  –              Ecology Administration                                 

Thesis Writing    6 Units


Foundation Subjects                      15 Units

Educ 201              –              Philosophical Foundation of Education  

Educ 202              –              Psycho – Socio Foundation of Education               

Educ 203              –              Advance Statistics of Education

Educ 204              –              Advanced Methods of Research              

  Educ 205a          –              Seminar in Thesis Writing            

Major Subjects                 18 Units

EM 201                 –              Organizing and Management of Educational Institution 

EM 202                 –              Curriculum and Instructional Supervision             

EM 203                 –              School Plant and Facilities Management               

EM 204                 –              Finance and Business Management in Educational Institutions  

EM 205                 –              Educational Planning     

EM 206                 –              Legal Aspect of Education           

Cognates:            Any 3 of the following subjects  9 Units

EM 207                 –              Trends, Issues and Techniques in Educational Management       

EM 208                 –              Management Information System with IT Application    

EM 209                 –              Manpower Studies and Development   

EM 210                 –              Human Behavior in Organization              

EM 211                 –              Educational Leadership 3

EM 205b               Thesis Writing    6 Units


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