I woke up early in the morning only to realize the mistake that I have done in the previous day. If only I followed what my zodiac had said me that day, I would have avoided that demeaning experience.

My zodiac told me: It is not worth acting in this particular moment as the general situation is not entirely favourable.

But then… I did not follow this zodiac.

So, here the story goes. I went to my class at the third floor of our building. It was 2:30 in the afternoon, and I thought I was late already. At the room, both doors were closed. I peeped in the broken door knob to know if there was an on-going class. I saw there were students who were busy on their notes. Those that I had seen were familiar faces. This made me convince to open the door. Unfortunately, that was not my class. Out of disgrace, I saw the teacher in front of the class; I might have not taken glance of him when I peeped, perhaps. The whole class, who happened to be my former students, greeted me excitedly and delightfully. I waived my hands and close the door immediately.  And the teacher? I forgot to give my apology—the fault that I committed that day. I admitted, it was so unprofessional.

One of the fallacies of the arguments applies that do not generalize everything because even the ‘specific’ has its own characteristic.

In a general situation, if I would have done the same thing to my other colleagues whom I worked with for many years they would understand that was unintentional. They could probably use that awkward moment to ‘gently’ embarrass me in front of the class for going to the wrong class. However, my response to the situation I encountered that day is not actually favourable. The teacher whom I committed a mistake is a newly hired faculty. My assessment: He would have taken that action of mine as offending since I distracted his class. At first, I thought it was all right because my other colleagues would have responded gently should I commit that mistake to them. I am really guilty of this action. It took me for a while to realize that that moment was awkward because my immaturity dominated my super ego.

When I woke up early in the morning to realize the awkward moment could be mean something. It could be a sign that I need to be sensitive of the feelings of the other people. People are different. They possess different characteristics. It is only our ability to read their actions and words could tell us on how we can approach them. Sometimes, I tell what I want to tell, and I do what I want to do—actions that made me forget of giving respect to other people. That encounter with my fellow teacher is a learning experience to reflect myself not only in a general situation but on specific situation as well.

On that early morning, I also realized one thing… If only I followed what my zodiac told me I would have avoided that awkward moment.


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