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It is common among the Filipinos to like basketball although this sport is a foreign influence. The Filipinos have made the culture out of their unconscious effort to share the same interest. You can see a basketball court anywhere in barangay. Some are improvising their courts in an open space wherein they just need a wood to support the ring that they needed when playing. If the people are lucky enough, they have a covered court funded by the local government. The efforts exerted by the people to patronize this sport have come across to their mind to elucidate the prime purpose of this sport—that is to learn and to become known in this sport.

Another interesting fact about this sport, it even affects those who are non-sports minded person. They are often considered as fans whose range across to different ages. Also, who would have said this sport is a manly game? The truth is: There were many women out there who cheered for their their favorite team and most of them have their own favorite players.

The concept of popular culture has marked the unconscious efforts of the people in popularizing this sport. The people have reflected on their actions on how they unconsciously popularized this sport. As fans, they often follow where their idols are, or some collected any stuffs associated to their idols. On a certain extent, others joined fans club for them to have a chance to have an up close and personal to their idols.

With the popularity of this sport, the media have even contributed on the proliferation of basketball in the Philippines. There is free television coverage of NBA or the National Basketball Association, an internationally acclaimed basketball base in America. In the Philippines, we have PBA or the Philippine Basketball Association. In most of the nationally circulated newspapers papers, they have provided space for sports news, usually at the last page, wherein the usual headline is about basketball. With an easy access to the internet, it becomes easier to most of the news agency and even the netizens to post basketball updates or even to post the videos of the previous games of the PBA. The creation of fan site is obvious in most of the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This resulted to an easy access to look for a group of fans to join.

Media motivated the people to become hook of this sport since most of them have no time or no money to watch the exclusive games in some of the known sports arena like Araneta Coliseum and Mall of Asia.

Basketball in the Philippines became more popular when the local residents of a certain community organize amateur league. They are inspired by the professional league like PBA. The game is usually held every summer when the students are having their vacation. This gives the students more time to focus on this sport which objectives are to develop their camaraderie and sportsmanship. Sometimes, the league is conducted as part of the celebration of the feast. As part of the development of students’ personality, the Department of Education also supported the conduct of intramurals in the school, wherein one of the sports is basketball. The students have the opportunity to represent their province, specifically their school, in the national level should they win in the different levels of the game from local to regional up to national level.

Other schools, usually those in private schools, are scouting prospective players for their team. To motivate the students to join in the team, they are offering scholarship. Some of the prestigious schools joined the UAAP and NCAA, the two known collegiate basketball leagues in the country, which provide most of the known players in the professional league like PBA.

The culture of basketball as sports in the Philippines is undoubtedly emancipated the minds of the Filipino. It is not all about letting go of our nationalistic pride since this sports is a foreign influence, it is all about how developing our social skill by playing basketball.


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