Meralco finishes Purefood’s reign, 77-52

Another history unfolds when Meralco Boltz came electrifying as it finished the reign of dominance of Purefoods Hotshot in the phase one of the quarter final in 2014 PBA League.

The bout between the two teams is a defence-to-defence game, but the Boltz have impressively dominated the tough offense of Purefoods. The Hotshot has tried to recover from their do-or-die game; however, they are caught in the snare of tactical moves plotted by coach Norman Black of Meralco.

Coach Norman Black struggled during the preliminary games of his team in this season. Despite the new coach, the players were able to adapt to Coach Norman’s system, and it truly manifested in the team’s standing. At the end of the elimination round, the team landed 5th leaving behind the two other crowd’s favorite Purefoods and Ginebra, thus, giving the Boltz the twice-to-beat advantage.

On the other hand, Purefoods has not pulled up its chance to retain its title. The team became inconsistent in most of their plays that led them in a crucial state, hence, dropping from top spot to eight spot among the twelve coveting teams this season.

The quarter final between Boltz and  Hotshot ends 77-52 in favor of Meralco.


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