Keep the ball rolling Mr. Air Force!

I might have been someone whom you don’t know for I am someone who is just watching you more often while you are playing in the national basketball feat. I am always praying that your team will win over your opponent, and you will contribute points for your team. Whenever you had the ball in your hands, I almost wanted to scream that you should put it in the basket. I am silently cheering for you.CHRIS AND I FILTERED copy

I truly love your angst while you are dribbling and trying to shoot in the basket especially when you are booing away your opponents not to get the ball. But, you still have to be careful during the game for there is no room for mistake. Some of your attempts may put your team in a worrisome situation.

chris and i4 copy

I believe you are a good player, and so you are the only one I know who is called “Airforce” because of your flying capability to dunk the ball. Bear in your mind that you are not only playing for your team to regain its crown, but you are also playing for us, your team’s avid supporters. We know the pressure on your part since we have high expectations on your team. And, I have a high expectations on you as one of the star players of your team.

You are not playing with the legendary team who have already proven that they are one of the best if you are not one of the best players in the country. Continue to play with your heart and compassion; these will make you a better player. Put love on what you are doing for that will lead you to the fame that you aspire to have. Once you reach that level, remain humble, for humility is the secret to a lifelong success even your career has ended.chris and 3 copy

You know, I am very much eager to see you in person. I always wanted to have a photo-opportunity with you, and have your signature on my dress.   Or, even to have your head band as my souvenir.

Chris Ellis, I might have been someone whom you don’t know, but this someone is someone who has high trust that you will help your team to regain the crown that your team used to have 8 times. Again, keep the ball rolling!


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