Tenorio, Ellis are rumoured to be traded; Pringle as replacement?

After the announcement of Brgy. Ginebra’s management to replace Jeff Cariaso as head head coach of the team, another rumour has yet to be confirmed about the replacement of L.A. Tenorio and Chris Ellis in their current team.

The rumour circulated in the social networking site when there were many Ginebra supporters asking if the two main players of the team, Tenorio and Ellis, will be replaced. Allegedly, the move of the team is to give way for Stanley Pringle, a player from Globalport. In the current season, Pringle is considered as one of the most effective offensive and defensive players. His addition could help Ginebra to rebound its six years of winning drought. Others speculated that Terrence Romeo, another player from Globalport, will also be part in the reshuffling of players in Ginebra.

Chris Ellis should not be eliminated from the team. His ability to get the ball from the opponent and to dunk from the inside is a huge factor for the team. He might not a sound bite as offense player, but his quickness and jumping ability are useful to win in the game.

Tenorio, the current team captain of Ginebra, was criticized for having a lack of leadership in the team. The public has been eyeing his performance since he was one of the players that brought the national team in the international basketball league. His replacement to Caguioa as team captain also added expectations from the public. His performance is not consistent compare to his previous games when he was still a rookie in his current team.  Yet, Tenorio must be given the chance to stay in his current team for he has the skill to help the team to outdo the other teams. Let us not judge him in few of the games he played. But, Tenorio must improve his leadership skill in order for him to guide his teammates to unite as one.

Not only for Tenorio but to all the players as well: The team’s principle must rely on one thing—that is LEADERSHIP—not on the system of ‘changing’ the coach or even the players. If there is one thing that should be changed that should be on how to motivate the players to play not only for their own’s sake but more importantly for the whole team. This attitude of the players is manifested on some of their games to which I think is the new meaning of the ‘never say die attitude’ of Ginebra– the ‘pa-pogian’ attitude that Caguiao once twitted in his social media account.

All the members of the team are the best players in the country. However, the best team does not begin with the individual best talents, it begins from uniting each member to show the best in the team.

May Ginebra be the Ginebra that I used to know way back when I was in elementary… I believe in this team. Despite the losses, the heartbreak, and the regretted hope… a fan is always a fan… still accepting the losses, still taking the heartbreak, and still regaining the hope… After all this what makes a real Ginebra San Miguel fan.


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