For lovers February is considered as ‘love month’ but for those who have passion and love to arts, this month is considered as ‘arts month’.

Timely enough since University of Rizal System Antipolo Campus through Hiyas ng Rizal Dance Troupe, a prominent dance group in the University, recently held a cultural presentation on February 13 at the campus covered court.

The presentation dubbed as “Noon at Ngayon: Sayaw ng Lahi” featured various dances from the Philippines. The conduct of the activity reflects the objectives of the dance troupe, as such: To arouse appreciation of Philippine music and folk dances; to arouse further appreciation and keep the interest of our students in taking part and enjoying our dances; to preserve for posterity of our folk dances and music indigenous to the different regions of the Philippines;  to foster patriotism and nationalism through our dances; and to demonstrate the growth of Filipino culture through the evolution of Philippine dances.

The dancers performed Joey Ayala’s ‘Magkaugnay’ for their opening salvo. It was then followed by the dances that reflect the praise given to the perceived Gods of the tribes from Cordillera, to wit these are:  ‘Dances of the Seven Gongs’, ‘Ragaragsakan’ and ‘Uyaoy’. Also, the presentation included dances from Mindanao such as ‘True Dance of the T’boli’, ‘Pig-apir’, ‘Paunjalay’, and ‘Pansak ni Laley’. Still in Luzon, among the dances performed were ‘La Estudyante’, ‘Polkabal’, ‘Panderetas’, ‘Lanceros de Tayabas’, and ‘Jota Paragua’ which are all from Spanish influence. The next set featured familiar dances from Tagalog region, as such: ‘Pandanggo Oasiwas’, ‘Sayaw sa Bangko’, ‘Binasuan’, ‘Sakuting’, Binuyugan’, and ‘Tinikling’.  The last sets are some known contemporary dances, namely: ‘Pipit’, ‘Hahabol-habol’, and ‘Butichikek’. To wrap up the show, the dance troupe performed ‘Piliin mo ang Pilipinas’.

The presentation was spearheaded by Dr. Lolita F. Garcia as the executive director together with Mr. Edward Andrecio, Adviser of Hiyas ng Rizal Dance Troupe, and Mr. Anthony Fijo, in-charge of the choreography.

The repeat of the presentation will be on February 21 also in the same venue.


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