I have met many people being affected by the ‘love’ they mistakenly understood. They made me realized on where they are coming from. I may not have experienced the same pain and happiness they felt, but conversing with them is a learning experience.

The So-So Inspiration

For others, being in a relationship would serve as source of inspiration, but the thing is… it depends on the person you love. Others are just making the so-so inspiration as an excuse. Remember do not enter a relationship because you just want to be like others who have their partners. Relationship is not like the popular song you would like to sing or even the popular outfit you wanted to wear because you wanted to become ‘in’. Being in a relationship requires maturity for both partners. Maturity means that the partner clearly understand the meaning of the word ‘understanding’ that they both reached the so-called ‘unconditional love’. It may sound so ideal, but for me this is what I believe of what maturity is when it comes to relationship.

Readines To Share Life

When entering a relationship, readiness matters. Relationship means to relate yourself, and when you relate yourself you are creating connection to the one you are relating with, and its bottom line is to share yourself to your partner. The question is: Are you ready to share your life to your partner? Are you ready to invest your time, money, and patience to your partner? Assess yourself. If you are just entering relationship because you feel a sudden electrifying effect in your heart when you see the person you like… well you must have been cheated by love stories you read and watched. Or maybe, that is only just a plain admiration. If you are not ready yet, then do not do it. Don’t be entangled by the godly looks of those courting you or showing intention on you.

What Broken Hearts Do? They Cry…

Part of being in a relationship is you cry. I have seen many people who cried because they were broken hearted. Some of them became so open to me of the reasons of their heartaches. Some of them spoke to me just only because they needed someone to release their emotion. Some of them would want me to give them pieces of advice. They cry not because they broke up with their partner; they cry because  they are blaming themselves for making their partner unhappy. They cry also because they have realized how they wasted their time loving a person who could not love them back. It is better to break up with someone who doesn’t love you back rather than insisting yourself to that person— that is more painful, though.

 Balancing Love and Studies

Love does not mean that you need to enter a relationship. I am sure that many would react on this statement. If you are not on the right age… then you must learn to love your studies first. Build and achieve first your dreams in life. You have no assurance that you will be with the person you think you love for the rest of your life, but if you finish your studies, there is an assurance that you will be successful in life. There are some people, however, who know how to balance love and studies. Then that person must have already reached his/her maturity because he/she knows already what his/her priorities are. Again, go assess yourself.

Use Heart and Mind

Don’t push yourself to have someone to love you nor push yourself to love someone just to be in the relationship. That is just a waste of time. Love will come at the right place and at the right time. If the right person will come into your life, let your heart to feel it and let your mind to think of it.


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