Student empowerment marks in ‘leadership talk’

A leadership talk was conducted to provide the students relevant knowledge on the concepts of “leadership” held at the Function Hall, University of Rizal System Antipolo Campus on August 13, 2015.

Hon. Mayor Casimiro

Hon. Mayor Casimiro “Jun jun” Ynares, III giving his message to the student leaders during the Leadership Talk

The undertaking specifically aimed to tap the students to be empowered by honing the “leader” in them and by letting them realize of their responsibilities as leaders. This is through the initiatives of Guild of Information Technology Students (GITS) in cooperation with the University Student Government-Antipolo Campus and student councils from College of Business and Administration, College of Education, College of Engineering, and College of Hospitality Industry.

Present in the activity were the distinguished guests such as Hon. Casimiro “Junjun” Ynares, III, Mayor of Antipolo City and Atty. Harry Roque, Associate Professor of UP College of Law.

Mayor Ynares emphasized in his message the three-fold tasks of a leader. These are the 3Ps which stands for Passion, Principle, and Purpose. According to him, a leader must have passion in doing his tasks; without passion, he will not be able to achieve his objectives. He added that principle and purpose are also important for these are the guiding paths to the goals of the leaders. He also highlighted in his message the importance of “Isa, Pagkakaisa, Pakikiisa” which he relates with the significance of “unity” among others.

Atty. Harry Roque inspiring the students to show the leadership in them.

Atty. Harry Roque inspiring the students to show the leadership in them.

However, Atty. Roque narrated his experience when was still studying in University of the Philippines where he was once an activist. He noted that activism during that time was relevant for they were fighting for the reformation of governance during the Marcos years. In his message to the students, he emphasized his belief in good governance and firm commitment to the protection and promotion of fundamental rights. For him leadership must begin from the students for they are like those heroes in the country such as Jose Rizal and Bonifacio who died young because they had been battling for the independence of the country in half of their life.

On the other hand, Prof. Imee E. Flores, Coordinator of the Office of Student Development Services, oriented the student leaders on the proper process of requesting for the conduct of campus activities.

Also present in the leadership talk were Mr. Rommel J. Orjaleza, Adviser of GITS, who gave his opening remarks; Engr. Armando D. Vale, Dean of COBA, who gave inspirational message that discussed various concepts of leadership; Prof. Lourdes T. Tejada, Dean of COE, who provided the students insights of “who is the leader?”; and Dr. Danilo M. Pascual, Campus Director.

The success of the project was through the leadership of Mr. Acepanky Leonardo, President of GITS in collaboration with Information Technology students of URS-Antipolo Campus.


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