Lea and Clark’s Almost Kiss in “On the Wings of Love”, Achieve? Or not achieve?


Achieve? Or not achieve? That is the question…

For sure, some could not get over yet in the last night’s first almost exclusive kiss between Lea and Clark in the top rating teleserye, “On the Wings of Love”. In the scene, Lea and Clark went out of San Francisco to search the former employer of Lea’s mother to clarify Lea’s suspicion that her mother wasn’t really dead. Along their way to their destination, the car they are using malfunctioned. Luckily, a fellow Filipino offered them to stay in his place while waiting for the material they will need to fix the car. This sudden shift of their fate has led to somehow testifying their true feelings towards each other. Attest to that are the two attempts of Clark to kiss Lea.

The first attempt was when Lea and Clark went to the backyard of the house where they stayed for that night. Clark approached Lea, who was leaning on the pillar, had his hand thrust against the pillar, and attempted to kiss her, but the caretaker of the house came before they kiss. A sudden awkward moment happened afterwards. The second attempt was when the couple went to the vineyard. They were both running when Lea stopped suddenly and bumped on Clark; he gradually hugged her and so was her.

The next move was an attempt to kiss Lea, and just like the first attempt, someone came again… and so again postponing the kiss. Besides, it is not all about waiting for that kiss. I think most of us are waiting for that moment that Lea and Clark will now be revealing their true feelings towards each other; however, with all the consequences or complications they are considering, this makes it really difficult for them to do so. That to which I believe is one of the magic of this story.

Prolonging the agony does not waste the wait. In fact, the more we wait the more we become excited to witness that moment of truth. And, on our part, as viewers, the moment that we will achieve what it feels like to fly away on the wings of love…


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