There is this plywood at around 2×3 size which has the words SLOWDOWN, MEN AT WORK written on it. The signage is placed few meters away from the area where the on-going road construction takes place. The signage informs the public to lessen their speed to give way for the workers who are doing the road repairs.

In one of my classes, I pointed out the importance of infrastructure as driving force to attain development in a particular society. Road improvement is one of the infrastructure projects that would help improve the lives of the people. The project would open opportunities for the people to earn for their living. A better road would help the people to transport easily their goods or other products to different areas, thus, creating more businesses and source of income. The project could help as well those workers who are working distantly.

However, what if the process of road construction will only create huge loss among the commuters due to slow process of the construction? Have the people behind this project anticipated this impact?

Most of us commuters came late to school or in our work due to slow construction of the road. In fact, this affects us holistically. When we stocked from the traffic, it even adds stress on our part due to lack of sleep. It even affects our work productivity which will eventually affect our work status. There are students who missed their exams or quizzes for being late. In my case, I leave the house earlier than the usual to avoid from being late. I paid for special ride just to get home from work since there are only few tricycle from the terminal. Most of the vehicles are stocked in the choke points where road construction is being done. Although special ride cost me thrice than my usual budget for my fare, I think it is the least thing I can do just to get home. Besides, it lessens my time from standing for more than an hour waiting for the tricycle to come in our terminal.

For others, they will see it only a little sacrifice since we will enjoy the benefit of the constructed road once it is done. However, from the looks of it, it is not a ‘little sacrifice’, instead a ‘huge sacrifice’ among us commuters. It sacrifices our work. It sacrifices our source of living. It does not help us to save money.

I would like to emphasize that I am not against the construction, as I mentioned it has huge benefits. However, what is needed to be improved is the process of construction in order to solve heavy traffic during the road construction. I understand the purpose of the project, yet it is too much that the construction is taken slowly. The construction should not be done during peak hours when there are many commuters. They should have considered doing it before dawn or during midnight when there are few vehicles. What seems to be the problem with doubling their time in finishing the tasks? After all, the money the government is using in the project comes from the taxes we are contributing, so, by logic, we are the ones financing the project, and we have the right to demand for the quick pace of the project.

Of course, the government must strengthen their implementation of traffic rules, and the commuters and the drivers must strictly follow the rules. Give and take relationship from the government and the public must be observed. I know it is so easy to say so, but by principle, if all of us adhere to this, we will imagine the possibility of managing the traffic during the construction of the road.


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