I don’t know what is the exact English translation of “kinilig” and “kinikilig”, yet I know what it feels like. One for instance is whenever I am watching two of PBB housemates, Miho and Tommy. I would say: I am really ‘kinikilig’. Like me, Miho and Tommy are both lost in translation on how they will express their feelings through words because of language barrier. Miho could speak and understand well in Japanese and Filipino but has difficulty to comprehend in English, which is only the language used and understood by Tommy.

Honestly, I am hooked of the current season because I really find it interesting to know the progress of the feelings of Miho and Tommy considering that they are of two different people— different personalities, different struggles in life, different race, and with different language.

Whenever they are spending time to each other, it is apparent that they are withholding their emotions for some reasons. Tommy knows where Miho is coming from, and so Miho could not be blamed for being suspicious of the intentions and attentions being shown by men.

Tommy and Miho during their dance recital.

Tommy and Miho during their dance recital.

We learned that Miho is a single parent to her daughter who lives in Japan. Miho works as entertainer in the said country to provide the needs of her daughter. The father of her daughter left her when she got pregnant. The said experience moulded Miho to become firm. Despite her struggles in life to raise her child, she maintains to become funny as if she doesn’t have a hard time to let go of her painful past.

On the other hand, Tommy came in PBB house after three of the housemates were automatically evicted from the Big Brother House for failing kuya’s task. Tommy lives in the United States for a while, so he could only speak and understand few Tagalog words. Inside the house, he is known for being a carefree and happy person, yet behind the smile in his face is an experience that he regretted the most. In one of the episodes of PBB, he confessed that he left their house to prove that he can live independently. He admitted that he once became a rebellious son to his parents.

The growing undefined admiration of the two housemates made them the sought after  housemates in PBB Season 737. Their attraction towards each other can be traced back when Miho helped Tommy to find the number combination that unlocked the lock that held Tommy from coming in the house. From then on, Tommy becomes ‘showy’ that he is attracted to Miho. However, because of Miho’s experience from his past relationship, it becomes difficult for her to welcome Tommy although it is obvious that she feels a little spark whenever the guy approaches her. Having said that little chance to convince Miho, Tommy made her pissed-off after he told in front of the housemates that he wanted Miho to be his girlfriend while in the spirit of liquor. This unwanted confrontation created an awkward scene between the two; this also affected the dance rehearsal of the housemates for their weekly task. To solve this issue, kuya gave task to both of them. Tommy and Miho went outside the house to give the gift they wanted for their grandmothers. The time being together provided them opportunity to get to know more about each other. Deeper than the usual they know.

Of course, we are expecting the possibility that the two of them will be more than friends, but let us see if they will not be lost in translation.


miho3 copyLimitado lamang ang alam niyang ibig sabihin ng mga salitang Tagalog at lalo’t higit sa salitang English ngunit HINDI nangangahulugan na mahinang umunawa ang isang tao dahil lamang sa lenggwaheng kaniyang ginagamit. Matalino si Miho dahil sa diskarte niya sa buhay… Matalino si Miho dahil alam niyang mahalin ang anak niya… Matalino si Miho dahil alam niya una sa lahat pamilya muna bago siya…
tommy2 copy
Tommy is simply the guy that every girl out there wants to be with… Like Miho, he is also a family man. He works in the Philippines to build his dream for his family. He loves his mother so dearly. I find him intelligent, literally, because he absorbs idea easily. He is opinionated and persuasive. I think of him as someone who could have a bright disposition in life. A person who knows where to set his direction. At his young age, he realizes all these. This only implies good thing for his parents for raising such a wonderful person like him… Although sometimes, he acted hardheaded for he is insisting what he wants to do for the group. There were times that he was so overwhelmed of the task that he has forgotten already that he has a team…

Despite these, none of us is perfect… even Miho and Tommy have their flaws… yet above all they remained who they are… they are NOT HOUSE PLAYERS they are indeed HOUSEMATES (turned to become lover)


I have never been this so addicted in PBB (nahigitan nila ang pagsunod ko sa buhay ng Melason noon sa PBB Season 2) In the latter part of PBB, let us admit that ‪#‎Tomiho‬ love team becomes the heart and soul of the show… Despite the sadness I felt because PBB737 has reached to an end… for sure #Tomiho will not be left behind… We can still watch them. Ciento por ciento akong nakakasiguro that they will have a lot of tv guesting. Nakakapanibago na next week since PBB has been my late night habit… kahit pa puyat and still have my classes at 7 in the morning (hindi naman nahahalata ng mga students ko…) sige I still watch it…

Iba ang adrenaline rush na binibigay ng kilig ng #Tomiho sa atin… kaya they deserve to have a career in showbiz lalo pa at malaking pera na rin ang naipasok nila sa ABS-CBN thru ads at text votes ng mga #Tomiho fans… Kudos to this loveteam… we will surely miss PBB737 dahil sa inyong dalawa…


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