We all know that the advent of social media open door of opportunities among us who are utilizing it in our daily life. We use this when doing business affairs, when reiterating discussion from the class, when sharing news, and when doing limitless activities among others. Indeed, there is a glory of using this technology. It makes our life easier. Yet, haven’t we realized how we behave in the social media as we used it, specially, when we are extending our opinions about certain issues?

It is true that we are all entitled to have our own opinion. But, there are moments that our behaviour in the social media becomes inappropriate.

Social media does not change the way we state our views and opinions, the truth is we have only found a different platform in airing our points. Also, it is through social media that we have this tendency in creating ‘hyperbole’ out of those whereabouts we posted. Through this medium, those we have posted manifested exactly the same as what we are when talking person-to-person. Let me emphasize this: What we are stating in the social media tells what kind of person we are. With its wide scope, we could not avoid criticisms from other people. These people are those who don’t know the real us. They will only judge us based on what they have read from our posts.

This scenario is common among fandom. Fandom is a group of supporters of any celebrities, which has grown differently because of social media. It is through this form of media that makes it easier for most of the fans to reach other aficionado of certain celebrities and to popularize their group.

Social media have created certain kinds of social norms that are apparent among the fandom. As fanatics, they would fight for their idols.

They don’t want their idols to be left behind among the other artists. When someone attacked their idols, they are there to defend them. They are using the social media to show their support. But, as common observation in most of the posts in different social media, they have this behaviour that they are already neglecting the value of being nice to other people.

There are fanatics who are stating inappropriate words to someone just to defend their idols. Most of those who posted are already below the belts. Haven’t they realize what the person they are pertaining in the post would feel should they read their posts? Social media becomes the avenue of haters and bashers who are hiding their real identity just to hurt someone. This inappropriateness is, indeed, unmanageable considering that anyone can just post everything they wanted to say about the person.

The social media provided the user to have this power because they have the option to remain anonymous, and the masses are abusing this power.

Another example of bullying in the internet is the case of “Amalayer”. Paula’s video, Amalayer’s real name, becomes a hit in the social networking sites years ago after she yelled the ladyguard in the train station for the alleged offending approach of the guard to her upon presenting her bag. Paula’s famous line “do you think I’m a liar” creates a huge impact among the masses; thus become the etymology of her moniker “Amalayer”. According to Paula, the video posted in the internet was only the portion of what really happened in the scene. People who viewed the video from the internet reacted negatively upon watching the video. For Paula, the public becomes judgemental on the portions of video they have watched. She read all those negative comments about her, and she admitted that she was totally depressed of what she had read about her.

Paula’s experience only indicates the impact of social media to those who are being bashed in the internet. There are people who are ignoring it, but there are people who could not take those comments which result to depression.

Who are we to judge people and have it read by millions of social media users, yet we don’t exactly know what really happens? As others would tell “makapag-post lang!”. Although we might say that the power of social media is to influence or to persuade  the masses about a particular person, let us not be overshadowed by those that we read from the social networking sites. There are some who are just creating issues. There are some whose main goal is just to ruin the image of a person. Have our own way of analysing the situation and understanding the people. Let us be held accountable to every words we say, and should you have any courage have the guts not to namewithold your identity.

Being not sensitive of the feelings of other people can actually result to making the life of other people miserable. This is also true whenever we are accusing other people in the social media whether the accusation is true or not. Let us just always put ourselves on the shoe of the person to let us realize on what really it feels like when there are thousands of people who are saying things against you in the internet.


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